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About Cocinarte

Our proposal from our kitchen and staff is to create a space where our customers can have a healthy experience for themselves and for our environment.

Let us source local and organic produce for you, let us cook for you, let us take our time… we are simply ensuring that what gets to you is food, and on the way, we are taking the joy of doing it, packing our plates with patience and love.

The Ultimate Atmosphere

Relax… take your time… enjoy the breathtaking colonial entourage of The Oldest House in León (1620), the ´couleur locale´ of lively El Laborío and the hummingbirds feeding from the flowers in our evergreen patio.

The food

Healthy, Honest Food, Homemade from Scratch

Sourcing is important to us; as locally and organically as possible, home grown when available. Closing cycles and using what nature provides, our restaurant reveres food and its process. Modern life seems to have taken us away from our own inherited eating wisdom… we are determined to recover it in a quest for a happier, more sustainable and healthier life. Our kitchen produces all of our meals, avoiding packaged goods, to ensure that what you eat is precisely FOOD and not a food-like product.

Unique Place & History

400 years of history!

CocinArte, the city's original vegetarian restaurant, is located in the Oldest Building of Leon, a beautiful colonial house with charming balconies, just a few blocks from Central park.

The restaurant is located in the El Laborio neighborhood in the sector of La Españita and was built in 1620 by Don Alonso Díaz de Mayorga, who participated in the transfer of Leon Viejo in 1610 and drew the streets and grids of the new city.

It preserves all the architectural features of a traditional Nicaraguan colonial house: thick adobe walls, eaves, high ceilings, tile roof, central courtyard, mud brick floor and balconies. And it still belongs to the descendants of Don Alonso. In the back of the restaurant you find a lovely green patio, with a wide variety of tropical flowers. Here you enjoy the fresh air and colorful setting. In the front of the restaurant there is a small outside terrace, with two tables. From the balcony you have an impressive view over Laborío Church; this is the most popular table, always taken…

How often have you eaten in an almost 400 years old building, where history is the appetizer?

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We have many popular titles books in English, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish.

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Vegetarian specialty.

Entradas – Starters

Pan con mantequilla de ajo$1.50

Bread with garlic butter

Pan pita con hummus$3

Pita bread with hummus

Tostones con queso & frijoles licuados $3.00

Fried green plantain with cheese & bean dip

Small - Dishes

Quesadillas de espinaca $5.00

Flour tortillas with spinach & mozzarella cheese.

Ensalada Griega $4.50

Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, olives & cheese.

Quesadillas de Tomate $5.00

Flour tortillas with tomato & mozzarella cheese

Small dishes

Papas fritas$3

French fries.

Quesadillas mixtas $5

One flour tortilla with spinach and one with tomato

Pizza Payaso $5.50

Pita bread pizza with tomato sauce, tomato, basil and cheese. Served with French Fries

Main dishes

Chana Masala $8

Indian Dish with chickpeas, Indian spices, coriander, tomatoes, onions, potatoes & carrots. Served with rice, tortilla & salad.

Verduras al curry $7.50

Indian yellow curry with vegetables, potatoes & peanuts. Served with rice & whole wheat bread.

Indio Viejo Vegetariano $7

A typical Nicaraguan stew made with corn flour, textured soy (tvp), local spices & vegetables. Served with fried green plantain, rice & salad.

Plato Cocinarte (especialidad de la casa)$9

Sautéed soy fajitas (tvp) with squash, broccoli, green beans, onion on a sizzling hot plate. Served with bean dip, corn tortillas, rice & salad.

Non-vegetarian dishes

Filete de pollo en salsa champiñón$9.00

Chicken filet in creamy mushroom sauce

Filete de pollo en salsa BBQ $9

Chicken filet in sweet BBQ sauce.

Filete de pollo en salsa jalapeña $9

Chicken filet in creamy jalapeño sauce

Filete de pollo enrollado con jamón & queso $10

Cordon Bleu

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Costado Norte de la Iglesia El Laborio

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